Gyeon Prism Plus - LED svetlo

  • Brend: Gyeon
  • Kataloški broj: g61

LED light developed in cooperation with the leading manufacturer of detailing reflectors and lamps - SCANGRIP. The collaboration has led to a very creative end product characterized by the highest quality. Use one of our specially developed diffuser caps during and after coating. It will create a softbox effect, making all imperfections and irregularities such as excess ceramics and stripes visible. This will significantly help you to bring the final look to perfection, without the need for the car to go outside or to install a special light for the studio.



The set includes a charger and two light diffusers


TEMPERATURE:  2500K / 3500K / 4500K / 5500K / 6500K

LUMENS:  1200lm @ 100% | 900lm @ 75%, | 600lm @ 50% | 300lm @ 25% | 120lm @ 10%

22.000,00 RSD
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Cena: 22.000,00 RSD
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